Take Surveys and Earn Money for your Group!

After a very successful introduction of our Surveys for Charity program to benefit the Habitat for Humanity, SurveyDock was recently contacted by a church to allow their congregation to raise money for their programs.  They were looking for a way to make an extra $1,000 a month to help with their youth group and felt that this would be a viable option for their membership to participate, without asking for more donations or fundraisers.  I only wish we had thought of this sooner! 

Because of this request, Surveydock has decided to offer this program to any group that wants to raise money for their cause.  Whether you are an individual that wants to raise money for your chosen organization or an administrator that wants to offer this opportunity to your group or congregation, SurveyDock will create a special page just for you. 

How it Works:

1.       Contact us and give us the information for your group: group name, size, etc. 

2.       We will create a special page for anyone in your group to visit and take daily surveys at their leisure from the comfort of their computer or cell phone. 

3.       At any given time, there are roughly 10 opportunities that can be taken daily, if qualified*.

4.       If taken daily, most users can expect to earn between $30-100 per month for their group. 

5.       There is no cost.  There is no catch.  Simply visit the site, take the surveys, and we will cut a check every month to your group.

6.       Your group members do not have to sign up with SurveyDock to participate.  They can take the surveys daily, without giving us their information.

7.       Please contact us to get started or if you have any questions.